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Greenland's ice sheet briefly hosted the world's tallest waterfall
50 MINS AGO - Cambridge researchers studying the event say the waterfall in Greenland measured roughly 1,000 Expand
Even dinosaurs had lice, fossils entombed in amber reveal
2 HRS AGO - 100-million-year-old insects that fed on feathers are the oldest licelike fossils known
New isn't always better: Why repeat experiences are valuable
4 HRS AGO - Go ahead, do something you love again. New research says there's plenty of value in repetition.
Why do smells trigger such vivid memories?
22 HRS AGO - Certain scents can cause a rush of feelings — even if you don't always remember why.
White Island volcano erupts in New Zealand
1 DAY AGO - Rescuers saved 23 people after the volcanic eruption, but five others died and many are still Expand
Forget the smart home, it's all in the cloud now
1 DAY AGO - What ever happened to that Internet of Things? We outsourced it.
13 perfect snowflakes captured in photos
3 DAYS AGO - These intricate, one-of-a-kind ice crystals form when precipitation falls through varying levels Expand
How dogs help kids learn to read
3 DAYS AGO - Research shows that reading to dogs helps struggling kids learn to read.
6 surprising ways mindfulness meditation can improve your brain
4 DAYS AGO - The benefits of mindfulness keep piling up, from growing grey matter to helping you master your Expand
The surprising scoop on essential oils
1 HR AGO - Aromatherapy is enjoying a renaissance as its healing properties are rediscovered. Here's what Expand
The truth about why pets get returned
2 HRS AGO - Some animal advocates say don't give pets as gifts, but research shows it's not always a Expand
Granny killer whales pass along wisdom—and extra fish—to their grandchildren
20 HRS AGO - Study is first direct evidence in nonhuman animals of the “grandmother hypothesis”
Political tensions unravel plan to convert Iranian nuclear site to civilian uses
23 HRS AGO - Engineers stop converting Fordow centrifuges to produce isotopes
What’s creating thousands of craters off the California coast?
1 DAY AGO - Researchers have launched a fleet of underwater probes to find out
17 great quotes from 'A Christmas Story'
3 DAYS AGO - The holiday isn't complete until you've seen The Old Man open his frageelay leg lamp. We Expand
A new holiday trend: Renting Christmas trees
3 DAYS AGO - Save a Christmas tree, rent one! Rather than cutting down a live tree, many companies will now Expand
How did animals survive 'Snowball Earth'?
3 DAYS AGO - A new study examines how early animals might have endured the worst ice age in Earth's history.
Cheering kindergarteners pack courthouse for boy's adoption hearing
4 DAYS AGO - Kindergarten class in Michigan joins their 5-year-old classmate in court for his official adoption.
Why we can't stop watching the Decorah eagles
1 HR AGO - The bald eagles of the Decorah and Decorah North nests in Iowa are the stars of two webcams that Expand
Snow turns Sedona into winter wonderland
21 HRS AGO - A snowstorm in Sedona, Arizona, turned the place known for its red rocks into a winter wonderland.
Biologists think they know why this stunning Hawaiian plant is vanishing
23 HRS AGO - Silversword populations have dropped 60% in the past 30 years
9 of the worst viruses on Earth
1 DAY AGO - You've heard of Ebola and likely Zika, but there are many dangerous viruses that have yet to Expand
Microbe that eats meteorites might hint at our alien origins
3 DAYS AGO - Similar organisms might have seeded the early Earth with life.
Loneliness and monotony may shrink the brain
4 DAYS AGO - Researchers found the brains of people who spent months in the Antarctic got smaller. What they Expand
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