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Here's Why You Shouldn't Take On Your Child's College Debt
23 HRS AGO - As a father of three, I understand that parents who go above and beyond for their children Expand
Admitting When I'm Wrong Doesn't Make Me a Weaker Parent
4 DAYS AGO - I grew up in a house where the words "I'm sorry" were never used and arguments were never Expand
Breastfeeding: what is a breast abscess?
7 DAYS AGO - While breastfeeding can be wonderful, sometimes it can get complicated. For a nursing mom, a Expand
We Need to Stop Using 'Plus' and 'Husky' Size Labels for Kids Clothes
11/27/2019 - "Plus" and "husky" labels should not be used for children’s clothing. The reason? They can cause Expand
Some States Are Giving Rapists Custody of Children, and That Needs to Stop
11/22/2019 - One mom in Florida fought to stop the man she says raped her from getting parental rights of her Expand
Is TikTok Safe for Kids?
11/15/2019 - Gen Z can't get enough of TikTok. But if you're worried about what exactly your kids are getting, Expand
Should I Allow My Child to Miss School for a Family Vacation?
4 DAYS AGO -'s 'Ask Your Mom' advice columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., explains when to take Expand
Here's How to Support Your Teen Through College Applications, According to a Student
4 DAYS AGO - In this week's 'Teen Talk' column—articles written by teens and young adults to help parents Expand
Doctors Dismissed My Postpartum Depression Because They Assumed I Was Just Worried About My Preemie
7 DAYS AGO - I was suffering from postpartum depression, but my nonchalant doctor said it was expected because Expand
Did science just solve newborn hiccups?
11/25/2019 - Science may have finally determined the answer to the age-old question of why babies get hiccups Expand
We're Moms Working at the Border to Make Change: Here's How You Can Help
11/22/2019 - When news alerts started featuring kids separated from their parents on the southern border of the Expand
What Do I Do If My Teen Is Vaping?
11/19/2019 - Vaping is a recent trend in youth experimentation, and the dangers are becoming more evident. Expand
Benzos' Are Rising in Popularity Among Teens and They're Getting Them On Social Media
11/11/2019 - Teens are able to get benzodiazepines and similar designer drugs without a prescription straight Expand
6 Ways to Teach Kids to Be Kind
11/7/2019 - The best thing you can do to make the world a better place is to create a culture of kindness in Expand
Why We Need to Look Past 'The Perfect Family' on Instagram
4 DAYS AGO - When one mom revealed what her seemingly flawless family actually deals with behind the scenes, I Expand
A Parent's Guide to Sadfishing, Explained by a Teenager
4 DAYS AGO - In this post for our 'Teen Talk' column—articles written by teens and young adults to help parents Expand
It’s Totally OK If Your Kid Just Eats the Bread During Holiday Dinner
11/27/2019 - We’re all for encouraging adventurous eating, but the holidays aren’t the time to stress out about Expand
I'm a Teenager Who Was Bullied: Here's What Bullying Among Teens Looks Like Today
11/22/2019 - In this post for our 'Teen Talk' column—articles written by teens to help parents understand Expand
How to Make a 2020 Vision Board for Kids
11/15/2019 - Want to encourage your little one to dream big in the new year? Look no further than this fun Expand
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