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Athletes are better at tuning out background brain noise
55 MINS AGO - A new study suggests that athletes are better at processing external sounds due to a stronger Expand
Global warming may cause birds to shrink
6 HRS AGO - New research has analyzed trends in migratory bird size over a 38-year period and discovered a Expand
White Castle Frozen Burgers Recalled for Listeria
20 HRS AGO - The White Castle recall is for 6-pack cheeseburgers, 6-pack hamburgers, 6-pack jalapeno Expand
BPA levels in humans may be much higher than previously thought
1 DAY AGO - A more accurate method of testing BPA as it breaks down in the body suggests that human levels are Expand
Man Receives Testicle Transplant From Twin
1 DAY AGO - A man who was born without testicles got a transplanted one from his identical twin brother during Expand
Special Kitty Cat Food Recalled
1 DAY AGO - Certain lots of Special Kitty Mixed Grill Dinner Pate that may pose a risk to cats' health have Expand
Is marijuana use associated with a higher risk of cancer?
2 DAYS AGO - A new meta-analysis looks at the potential link between marijuana use and an increased risk of Expand
Repairing leaky blood-brain barrier may rejuvenate brain function
3 DAYS AGO - New research in mice suggests that a leaky blood-brain barrier can accelerate brain aging, and Expand
Alzheimer's risk gene and heavy metal exposure may impair cognition
4 DAYS AGO - New research in mice suggests that exposure to cadmium can lead to cognitive decline in those with Expand
RECALL: Fresh Express Salad Kit for E. coli Fears
1 HR AGO - The FDA, CDC, state health authorities, and Canadian officials have been investigating an E. coli Expand
Companies selling risky stem cell products receive FDA warning
9 HRS AGO - The FDA have issued warnings to several companies marketing potentially unsafe products involving Expand
Supreme Court Upholds Kentucky Abortion Law
20 HRS AGO - A Kentucky law requiring doctors to perform ultrasounds and show fetal images to patients before Expand
Probiotics: Benefits for immunity may depend on sex
1 DAY AGO - New research in piglets suggests that the immune systems of males and females respond differently Expand
Moderate Drinking May Increase Cancer Risk
1 DAY AGO - A new study from Japan found that compared to nondrinkers, people who had two drinks a day for 40 Expand
Physical activity may protect against prostate cancer
1 DAY AGO - A large study that took a different approach has found that higher levels of physical activity Expand
How reducing air pollution benefits health
3 DAYS AGO - A new report looks at the effects of interventions that reduce air pollution on several health Expand
Wet and cold weather linked to increased cancer rates
3 DAYS AGO - In the first study of its kind, researchers identify a surprising link between living in a cold, Expand
Dirty makeup sponges harbor dangerous bacteria
4 DAYS AGO - Mounting evidence shows that many beauty products — particularly makeup sponges — become Expand
Even 'dead,' this probiotic may be effective against inflammation
1 HR AGO - A new study in roundworms and elderly mice suggests that even the inactivated form of a probiotic Expand
Blood Tests Show Exposure to Ethylene Oxide
19 HRS AGO - The testing offers the first biologic evidence that living near a facility that emits ethylene Expand
No One Brand Explains Vaping-Related Lung Injuries
21 HRS AGO - As of Dec. 3, 2,291 patients have been hospitalized, with cases in all 50 states, the District of Expand
Researchers find over 40 new species of fish in one lake
1 DAY AGO - Researchers have found dozens of new fish species in just one African lake — a feat of diversity. Expand
How many head and neck injuries does cell phone use cause?
1 DAY AGO - A new observational study has analyzed 20 years' worth of data to look at the link between cell Expand
Breast cancer: Does hair dye increase risk?
2 DAYS AGO - A recent study links permanent hair dye and chemical straighteners to an increase in breast cancer Expand
New diet that matches biological clock may be better for diabetes
3 DAYS AGO - New research suggests that a three meals per day — and not a six meals per day — approach brings Expand
BPA Levels in Humans Are Underestimated: Study
4 DAYS AGO - The new method developed by researchers and outlined in their study suggests that the measurements Expand
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